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e.s.motion 2020 in the new trend colour green/sea green for nature lovers and garden landscapers

Thursday, 25. February 2016

A lush deep pine green brightened up with a fresh, juicy meadow green: motion 2020 in the new trend colour green/sea green blends in with the environment wonderfully. It has well-designed features, and allows garden landscape teams to harmonise perfectly with their natural surroundings.

Spring. A municipal order. Bright and colourful flowers and plants on a roundabout, on green areas and in the town centre to set the mood for warm summer days. An order for garden landscaping teams - lots of digging in the early hours, shrubs, grass and bushes are planted to create that summer feeling. Working in and with nature demands well-designed workwear. The e.s.motion 2020 collection in green/sea green is designed for all weather conditions and offers garden landscapers the right product for every situation.

In the early morning the e.s.motion 2020 softshell jacket is ideal for warding off the chill in the air. Water-repellent, windproof and breathable, it can cope with fluctuations in the weather thanks to dryplexx® features. The inner fleece is pleasant on the skin. A little later, the sun warms the air. The body is hot from exertion. But the wind is cold - definitely too cool to just wear a T-shirt. In this case, the bodywarmers of the e.s.motion 2020 line are ideal, and also allow the arms freedom of movement. The lightweight, elastic functional bodywarmer thermo stretch e.s.motion 2020 made of breathable and fast-drying Fibertwin® Thermostretch with a fleece lining insulates the upper body perfectly on chilly days. Softshell fans can also opt for the softshell bodywarmer e.s.motion 2020 with its water-repellent, windproof and breathable dryplexx® features.

The e.s.motion 2020 trousers have lots of pocket space and a comfortable Flexbelt® waistband for additional width if required. Too warm? Simply open the functional colour-contrasting zip vents at the back of the thighs to allow air to circulate. Garden landscapers have even more space in the stylish e.s.motion 2020 bib & braces. At the same time, they keep the centre of the body warm and protect the kidneys. Comfortable fleece jackets and functional clima-pro jackets round off the look perfectly. The practical e.s.motion 2020 3-in-1 function jacket with its waterproof membrane comes into its own when the weather is changeable. Two jackets combined into one - absolutely weatherproof. The outer jacket wards off wind and rain, whilst the zip-detachable fleece jacket inside warms the wearer when it is chilly. The range also contains 3/4 trousers, shorts and shirts for warm days.

The men's and women's e.s.motion 2020 collection makes for a perfect team appearance wherever you go. With made-to-measure cuts for women, engelbert strauss allows female workers to opt for a feminine look. engelbert strauss also offers a personalisation service and can apply logos, wording or names to the ordered garments. Embroidery or printing on workwear - the online logo service shows you just what is possible. Positions and personalisation types are clearly filed for each garment and can be defined when ordering items, allowing your CI to be put in the right light.