Our most technically progressive collection that
focuses on freedom of movement. Extra
lightweight and enormously durable.

Cool development of the motion:
with air slits and trendy colour combinations
for ultimate combination options.

Our strongest collection. Ultimate
durability without compromises.

Slim cut reduced to the most important features:
The sporty workwear understatement looks great
even on an everyday basis.

Thought-through down to the smallest detail – with
a clever pocket concept and casual cuts, motion
has revolutionised the work of workwear.

With easy-care and durable
canvas. Functional
across the line.

Special design for the special needs of the industry.
Reduced and thought through down to
the last detail.

Sporty, lightweight and with no frills.
For the athletes on the building site.

Proven cuts and two-coloured look
– a classic is a new design.

A classic cut in a subtle plain colour
– simply timeless.