Your hands are your most important tool
- be uncompromising as far as your hands are concerned

The demands made of protection gloves are wide-ranging.
They range from protection against the weather, protection against mechanical risks through to protection against chemicals. The focus may even be on protecting the sensitive surfaces of your products. Furthermore, there are special gloves for various applications such as cut or heat protection gloves. Often, the gloves need to meet several requirements which is achieved by means of clever material combinations or production processes.

Our products are systematically arranged stating application areas and recommen-
dations to help you to make an economical and well-informed choice in this important issue.

The gloves ensure wearing comfort and an optimum fit.

engelbert strauss does not compromise when it comes to protecting your hands!


Leather work gloves offer protection against mechanical loads and heat. They are partly suitable for working in damp conditions, with greases and oils.

Real leather work gloves
• Wear-resistant
• Sturdy and tear-proof
• Good mechanical protection
• For heavy-duty work

Grain leather, also called full grain leather, is the most valuable upper layer of the leather skin. The original fur side can be easily recognised by its natural smooth surface. Grain leather is resistant to oils, grease and wet. It is also very strong and supple, which makes the sturdy, very wear-resistant grain leather suitable for dexterous work. Gloves made of upholstery leather are also produced from grain leather.

The upper grain layer of split leather is removed in a splitting process. This central layer of skin is distinguished by a rough, velour-like texture. Split leather gloves are resistant to heat and cold, they are wear-resistant and offer the hands good protection.

Nappa leather is noted for its soft structure and good sensitivity. Gloves made of nappa leather are ideal for all work that requires dexterity.

Leather gloves Cracked leather gloves Cooper Leather forestry cut protection gloves Grain leather gloves e.s.roughtough


Mechanical risks

Protection gloves of this standard need to protect against physical and mechanical loads such as wear, cuts, puncturing, tearing or felling cuts. These loads can occur when working with metal or wood or any other tasks where hands need to be protected against mechanical injury. Also, they must comply with the regulations relating to electrical conductivity of protection gloves.

Protection gloves for mechanical risks must satisfy at least one of the test criteria listed in the table.

The puncture-resistant work gloves by engelbert strauss satisfy the strictest safety standards.

EN 388:2003

The higher the figures, the better are the results.
x = no test under this criteria.

EN 388:2016

The higher the figures, the better are the results.
x = no test under this criteria.

EN 381-7:1999 Chainsaw cut protection EN 407:2004 Thermal risks EN 374-3:2003 Chemical risks - simple EN 374-3:2003 + EN ISO 374-1:2016 Typ C + EN ISO 374-1:2016 Typ B + EN ISO 374-1:2016 Typ A Chemical risks EN ISO 374-2:2003 + EN ISO 374-5:2016 + EN ISO 374-5:2016 VIRUS Chemical risks - microorganisms EN 511:2006 Protection against the cold EN 455-1:2002 AQL



We want to offer you the best possible decision base when you select gloves. At the end of the day, it is your health and the protection of your most important tool - your hands - that counts.


Benefit from our experience and use the engelbert strauss point system to find the right gloves to meet your needs. You will find an application recommendation in the product text on every product page.


We have collected, compared and assessed numerous practical tests and also our own and our customers' experiences for you. Each of our gloves has been assessed based on these results. In addition to the EN standards, the points assessment also offers you a specific and reliable indication of application areas and the properties of the work gloves

The assessment of our protection gloves is always based on the same criteria: Assessments range from 0 points = not suitable to 5 points = highly suitable.
The higher the number of points, the better suited the gloves are for this field.

An overview that will certainly be of help to you.

We hope that it offers you a good overview of our extensive gloves program.

Our points-based assessment does not represent a legally binding statement about the actual suitability. For the best information about the respective gloves, please see the valid EN standard and the test indicator codes that are assigned to each work glove.


Use the points system with our filter functions in the
engelbert strauss online shop

Make choosing the right work gloves easier. Determine the importance of the various assessment criteria for your needs. You will then see the entire glove range sorted according to priority, i.e. the best results first.

This automatic result does not represent a legally binding statement about the actual suitability. Please observe the respective EN standards with test indicator codes for the individual gloves in the detailed view.

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