The new carrying

Compact allround pockets
with sporty comfort


Tool bag

Nail bag

Cross-body bag

Tool shoulder bag

SET phone leash + bag

Wearing tools has never been easier

Easily and comfortably over the shoulder or flexibly around the entire body: the versatile e.s.ambition bags keep all your tools readily accessible and, thanks to their compact design, are never in the way. Optimum freedom of movement in every position.


smart compartment structure

flexible wearing options

compact, concise design

sporty style

Safety comes first

Carrying sensitive documents or valuables?
The cleverly placed security compartments ensure that nothing gets lost.


Tool shoulder bag

for work
and play

Work today, a trip to the stadium tomorrow:
the e.s.ambition shoulder bag is a true multi-talent to make everyone's daily life easier.

Four different compartment sizes provide space not only for tools but also for wallets, tablets, phones, pens, tickets, and more.

Cross-body bag

More storage space in a belt

Nail bag e.s.ambition

Tool bag e.s.ambition

Always fits just right

The nail and tool pouches from e.s.ambition* can be comfortably worn as a duo over your clothing.
No need for tedious threading through belt loops, and with a completely flexible positioning around the waist.

*Delivery without content.

e.s. phone leash

Phone case is not
included in delivery.

e.s. phone leash bag

Smartphone & Co. always to hand

Out of the pockets, onto the belt: with the combination of the leash and bag, your phone and essential accessories can be conveniently hung around your body. Ready to use at any time.

Phone leash and
phone leash bag
are available in a set.

e.s. ear pod cover

e.s. ear pod holder

The durable e.s. ear pod cover provides optimal protection for the charging case and can be easily attached to various clothing items with the included karabiner.

The e.s. ear pod holder allows you to temporarily set down your AirPods while keeping them readily accessible. Thanks to an innovative magnetic closure system, the headphones await their next use on the hoodie's drawstring.

Plenty of pockets
at a glance

Sporty outfits for
sporty bags

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