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STRAUSSbox System: STRAUSSbox 118 midi incl. tool boxes, 6 boxes
STRAUSSbox System: STRAUSSbox 118 midi incl. tool boxes, 6 boxes
STRAUSSbox System: STRAUSSbox 118 midi incl. tool boxes, 6 boxes 2

STRAUSSbox 118 midi incl. tool boxes, 6 boxes

Set price-29%
746,25 kr
523,75 kr
plus shipping
inc VAT
Delivery time approx. 3-6 working days
STRAUSSbox 118 midi incl. tool boxes, 6 boxes
746,25 kr
523,75 kr
inc VAT
plus shipping

  • Varied and space-saving thanks to the combination of a total of 6 sorting inserts of various sites for small parts, accessories and longer tools
  • The 6 insert boxes can be arranged individually
  • No more slipping: The lid insert and the clever base keep the sorting inserts securely in position
  • More functions! The base has a holder for up to 5 bits
  • Inset boxes for a flexible configuration
  • Compatible with STRAUSSbox 118 midi

1x STRAUSSbox 118 midi:

  • Can be combined with all STRAUSSboxes
  • Compact box for practical storage of small parts
  • High-quality and extremely break-resistant ABS
  • Optimum protection of machines and accessories against dirt and damp (IP 43 = protection against foreign bodies + spray water)
  • 2 practical handles
  • Fast and simple stacking
  • When stacked, each STRAUSSbox can be opened without having to remove the one above
  • Can be combined with the STRAUSSbox hybrid adapter plate with numerous further box systems*
  • Mechanism works in combination with Makita MakPac** system (under STRAUSSboxes), including without STRAUSSbox hybrid adapter plate
  • Load-bearing capacity: approx. 125 kg
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): Approx. 39.6 x 29.6 x 11.8 cm

*Not included in delivery.
**This brand belongs to a third party that has no connection whatsoever with Engelbert Strauss GmbH & Co. KG.

Delivery does not include contents.

1 x Lid film incl. pins STRAUSSbox midi:

  • The lid film closes flush with the tool and small part inserts, and prevents small parts falling out and becoming mixed up
  • Simple installation in the lid thanks to the enclosed pins

Suitable for:

  • STRAUSSbox 118 midi
  • STRAUSSbox 145 midi
  • STRAUSSbox 215 midi
  • STRAUSSbox 340 midi

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Engelbert Strauss AB

040 694 90 01
040 694 90 04

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