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Tool Cases: Tool set Elektro Meister incl. tool trolley
Tool Cases: Tool set Elektro Meister incl. tool trolley
Tool Cases: Tool set Elektro Meister incl. tool trolley 2

Tool set Elektro Meister incl. tool trolley

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Tool trolley professional
Tool set Elektro Meister incl. tool trolley
Tool trolley professional
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Set comprising:
1x tool set Electro Master
+ 1x e.s. Tool trolley professional

358-part tool set for various electrical installations:

  • e.s. Wire cutter VDE, 160 mm
  • e.s. Flat round pliers with VDE blade, straight, 205 mm
  • e.s. Power combination pliers VDE, 180 mm
  • e.s. Flat round pliers with blade, curved, 205 mm
  • e.s. Cable cutter VDE, 160 mm
  • e.s. Combination spanner 6
  • e.s. Combination spanner 7
  • e.s. Combination spanner 8
  • e.s. Combination spanner 9
  • e.s. Combination spanner 10
  • e.s. Combination spanner 11
  • e.s. Combination spanner 12
  • e.s. Combination spanner 13
  • e.s. Combination spanner 14
  • e.s. Combination spanner 17
  • e.s. Combination spanner 19
  • e.s. Combination spanner 22
  • Slot screwdriver, 0.4x2.5
  • Slot screwdriver, 0.8x4.0
  • Slot screwdriver, 1.0x5.5
  • Slot screwdriver, 1.2x6.5
  • Voltage checker, 0.6x3.0
  • Cross-head screwdriver PH1
  • Cross-head screwdriver PH2
  • VDE electrician's screwdriver PZ/FL 1
  • VDE electrician's screwdriver PZ/FL 2
  • e.s. 2‐K angled wrench set, long, 9-part, SW 1.5 - 10.0
  • e.s. 2-K angled wrench set, short, TX 8-part, T 9 - 40
  • e.s. Folding wooden ruler "classic", 2 m
  • e.s. Bit box "Color", 56-part
  • e.s. Fitter's hammer "ultimate", 300 g
  • e.s. Socket wrench set "pro" 1/4", in e.s. Boxx "mini", 40-part
  • Cable end sleeve set insulated
  • Cable ties for indoors and outdoors, 140 x 3.6 mm
  • e.s. Aluminium spirit level "classic", 40 cm
  • Claw gripper with magnet, 70 cm
  • e.s. Deep-hole marker 2 in 1
  • Digital calliper gauges, 150 mm
  • Screwdriver with bit holder, long
  • Moldex ear plugs "Spark Plugs", 2 pairs
  • PUK saw for metal, 150 mm
  • e.s. Club hammer "classic", 1,250 g
  • Flat chisel with hand protector, 300 mm
  • Painter trowel, 40 mm
  • e.s. Multi-stripper "secure" 4 in 1
  • e.s. LED voltage / continuity tester SP100
  • e.s. LCD-multimeter MMS500
  • e.s. Contact-free voltage tester P10
  • Multi-stripping pliers VDE, 180 mm
  • Self-setting stripping pliers, 165 mm
  • e.s. Coaxial wire stripper
  • Cutter knife, 18 mm
  • Rocket ear plugs with carrying strap
  • e.s. Safety glasses "Abell" clear
  • e.s. LED head light "HL 180"
  • Control cabinet key LED electro
  • Electrical insulating tape red
  • Electrical insulating tape black
  • Electrical insulating tape green
  • Electrical insulating tape yellow
  • Electrical insulating tape blue

+ 1x e.s. Tool trolley professional:

  • Durable ABS material with an aluminium frame design
  • Easy to transport due to integrated telescopic handle and two PU inline rollers
  • Impact edge protection and 4 feet for better stability and protection
  • 1 removable tool board with 22 pockets on the front and back
  • Additional A4 document compartment
  • Size-adjustable storage boxes in base, cover board with 15 pockets
  • A durable, ergonomic 2-component handle ensures the necessary comfort when carrying the case
  • 2 lockable clip locks and a professional combination lock

Volume: approx. 36 litres
Weight: approx. 6.6 kg

Internal dimensions (W x D x H): 48.5 x 37.0 x 20.0 cm
External dimensions (W x D x H): 51.5 x 44.0 x 22.5 cm

Additional information


Volume: approx. 36 litres

Clear division

Document compartment in the lid with additional loops for the most important tools and documents.

Variable base division

The base of the case can be adapted to personal needs using high-quality aluminium dividers.

Durable ABS trolley with an aluminium frame design and high-quality PU inline rollers. Practical and replaceable telescopic handle.

Optimum inside configuration

The removeable tool boards guarantee a clear overview of the tools thanks to 37 pockets and 7 further loops.

Lockable hinge locks

Two lockable hinge locks for improved security.

Combination lock

Practical combination lock for fast and easy closing.

Ergonomic handle

Ergonomic 2-component handle for comfortable transportation.

Replaceable tool board

The coated tool boards are resistant to dirt and can be cleaned or even replaced.


The additional feet guarantee optimum stability and preserve the ABS material of the case shell.

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Tool trolley professional

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