Work shoes do not have a toe cap and are the lightweights under the professional shoes. Nevertheless they are much more than just normal shoes.

Safety shoes are work shoes with a toe cap. They keep your feet safely on the ground at the building site.

Work shoes are packed full of features. In addition to properties connected to safety shoes, there are many aspects of a shoe that help improve everyday life.


• Anti-Slip (SRA, SRB, SRC/SR)
• open heel area is possible

Here is a whole series of work shoes ‘Made in Germany’! From the design through to production, our CI Factory in Schlüchtern produces exclusive CI-models that focus on more comfort and lots of innovation. New damping and toe cap technologies, innovative materials and features – everything is tested in the adjacent test lab. Only those models that pass the extensive endurance tests at our high-tech test stations with flying colours are allowed to become real Strauss shoes!

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