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According to EN ISO 20347 work shoes are always equipped with a non-slip sole. In contrast to safety shoes, work shoes do not require toe caps. The focus is on optimum absorption and stability – this makes work shoes the ideal choice in areas where there are no mechanical risks. There are five levels to choose from within the work shoes division: OB | O1 | O2 | O4 | O6

protection classes for work shoes

Work Shoes

Safety Classes

Work Shoes: For people walking a lot

Warehouse workers cover up to 20 km every day as they sprint through the halls – always on the go, on their feet. And obviously classic, heavy-duty safety and leather shoes are not going to meet their requirements or the needs of other professional groups. Footwear that you wear at work is not all the same. It needs to be comfortable and lightweight, whilst also fulfilling certain basic protection requirements and functionality.

The same also applies to medical professions, employees in the gastronomy sector and canteens and for couriers – therefore the range of work shoe models, styles, colours and sizes, like that of engelbert strauss, needs to be large enough to meet the various needs of different professions. All models satisfy the requirements of the standard EN ISO 20347 and, with their comfortable outer sole, are ideal shoes for use indoors or for all those who do not need safety shoes.

e.s. O2 Work shoes Thebe

Here you find all the information you need about work shoes

Work shoes are not all the same. But all work shoes fulfil even the basic requirements better than conventional sport shoes in all areas. If you want to know what standards and requirements are recommended, just contact your professional association or employer. Our work shoes are available in the protection classes OB, O1, O2 and O4.

What does this mean exactly?

Basic requirements according to EN ISO 20347: open heel area possible, anti-slip

Like OB +closed heel area, energy-absorbing capacity in the heel area (E), antistatic properties

Like O1 + min. 60 min no water penetration

Plastic or rubber boots for the wet area, no water penetration, closed heel area, antistatic properties (A), energy absorption capacity in the heel area (E)

Like O2 + also completely waterproof thanks to membrane

A significant number of our O2 work shoes are equipped with a dryplexx® functional membrane, exceeding the standard requirements. Thanks to their durable and reliable protection against water penetration, these O2 shoes possess characteristics comparable to O6 work shoes.

Work shoes that don’t look like work

The casual sport style of our work footwear is more reminiscent of leisure wear than workwear. For instance, the O1 Asterope can also be worn as sneakers when going out with your colleagues after work, whilst the O2 Culio can be used to climb a mountain or two on a hiking holiday. Despite this, they have a lot in common. The Culio model for example has a slip-resistant sole. The sole has an extremely good grip, whilst also being durable, anti-static, fuel-resistant and heat-resistant up to 200°C.

In addition, these shoes, which are certified to EN ISO 20347 are absolutely waterproof thanks to their Dryplexx® membrane.

dryplexx waterproof breathable
e.s. O2 Work shoes Thebe

Open for many professions

One special aspect of work footwear is that they are available with open or closed heels. You can wear our open-heel models, clogs and sandals at home or in medical practices – in this case obviously in white. It is particularly important that the soles have good anti-slip properties because they are worn on smooth practice or hospital floors where things can become hectic. As a result, all clogs from our medical range are equipped with the highest certified slip resistance. We also supply classic work trainers, such as the O1 Asterope or the O2 Minkar II in white, which makes them an ideal choice for the medical field.

Work shoes for the gastronomy sector

EN ISO 20347, 320 grams in size 42 – the features of the O1 Decrux speak for themselves, but it is their cool design that also makes them ideal for the gastronomy sector where the wearer is on their feet a lot and needs to dodge pieces of broken glass or plates. The requirements are diverse and there are very few sport shoes that can meet them all. In addition to safety aspects, our gastro and kitchen shoes also offer great comfort and have excellent care properties: the high quality easy-care surface makes them easy to keep clean and extremely durable, ensuring a long-term clean and professional appearance towards customers and guests.

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