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Funktionsunterwäsche von engelbert strauss


Despite lugging things around and sweating all day, your skin still feels pleasantly dry even after hours – when selecting workwear there are many good reasons to choose functional underwear. And anyone who immediately thinks about their granddads’ white ribbed garments can rest easy: functional underwear today not only looks much cooler; it can also do a lot more!

Thanks to its excellent, moisture-absorbing properties, the basic layer that sits directly on the skin supports the natural cooling mechanism of the body. The absorbed sweat can ‘evaporate’ on the surface or is transferred directly to the next clothing layer. In this way, the body temperature is regulated even under physical exertion. At the same time, the functional underwear dries quickly and prevents the wearer becoming unpleasantly chilled when stopping for a coffee or a break. engelbert strauss offers a wide range of functional underwear for women and men.

What material fulfils what function?

Breathable, fast-drying, climate-regulating, odour-inhibiting: the requirements made of functional underwear are high. Merino wool and various other materials made of artificial fibres have proven highly suitable. They absorb moisture reliably and ensure a pleasant and healthy body climate, be it for indoor or outdoor activities. In addition to many similarities, there are also some differences.

Great! Functionally strong artificial fibres

Functional underwear made of artificial fibres, like polyamide, polyester and elastane can be used for a number of different uses thanks to the following properties:

  • Can transport moisture away from the body very quickly
  • Cools and dries very quickly
  • Ideal under physical exertion
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight and elastic
  • Pleasant to wear

Purely natural: functional underwear made of Merino wool

Merino wool is a very high-quality, fine and soft form of new wool. Thanks to its high percentage of air, these fine fibres, which are produced from the wool of the Merico sheep, have natural insulation properties:

  • Keeps the wearer warm when the temperatures drop / and keeps the wearer cool when temperatures rise
  • Breathable
  • Does not scratch on the skin
  • Can absorb a third of its own weight in moisture (does not feel damp)
  • Antibacterial
  • Odour-inhibiting (does not need to be washed as often)

What do I need to bear in mind when selecting my new functional underwear?

Be it early morning on the building site or during sport in the evening: functional underwear is a reliable companion as soon as things get sweaty. It keeps the wearer dry and warm. You select the thermal intensity. The e.s. clima concept allows you to adapt your thermal level easily to where you are working and your personal temperature preference, which are the most important criteria when selecting the right functional underwear.

How the e.s.clima concept works

e.s. clima concept

How lightweight should it be?

The functional underwear by engelbert strauss generally stands out thanks to the fact that it is made of lightweight and pleasantly comfortable materials. One specially lightweight garment is e.g. the e.s. men’s functional -T-Shirt basis-light. Be it working in a protected indoor area or outdoors in the summer, the figure-hugging fit always keeps the wearer dry and fresh, even if the temperatures rise.

Warm, but not hot ...

e.s. functional underwear easily finds a balance between thermal insulation on the one side and breathability on the other. For instance, the e.s. men’s functional long pants basis-warm ensure a pleasant climate feeling. Thanks to the high stretch percentage and the soft inner texture of the FIBERtwin® BASIS-fabrics, the comfort of the pants can easily match their functionality. And for all those who would like to make a set of these garments: the basis-warm series also contains short and long shirts.

Strenuous work at cold temperatures?

Even at low temperatures, work can be sweaty and as strenuous as sport. What you need is a material with maximum climate comfort. The high-performance FIBERtwin® clima-pro-fabric is extremely breathable and offers excellent moisture transfer. At the same time, the roughened, well-insulated inner texture e.g. the e.s. Men’s functional T-shirt clima-pro – warm prevents muscles becoming chilled. Its extremely elastic, figure-hugging shape and sporty-dynamic seams offer maximum freedom of movement to allow absolute top performance.

Looking for a natural allrounder?

Merino wool is not just popular among sports enthusiasts and outdoor fans, this functional natural fibre has long since found its way into the world of work. Your benefit: The fabric adapts to the body climate and is therefore ideal for any temperature. Functional underwear made of Merino wool, e.g. the e.s. men’s long-sleeve merino, insulates in the cold and cools when things gets strenuous. Be it as a shirt, long-pants or in a set: The breathable natural fibre fabric keeps the wearer reliably dry and promises skin-friendly or odour-neutral wearing comfort.

The engelbert strauss online shop has both short-sleeve and long-sleeve models as well as functional long pants for all thermal levels and materials. In addition to men’s models, women’s functional underwear is also available.

How should functional underwear fit?

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable! To completely fulfil its function, the underwear should always fit snugly even after being worn several times. Especially when the job is more like endurance sport and sweat is pouring off you, the rule is: the tighter the fit, the more reliably the basic layer can absorb moisture and offer thermal insulation; however, functional underwear should never pinch or rub.

Our advice: If your skin reacts sensitively, the e.s. men’s functional long-sleeve seamless - warm is always a good choice. State-of-the-art knitting technology allows an almost seamless finish to prevent pressure points and skin irritation. This special design ensures absolute freedom of movement and elasticity. At the same time, the shirt absorbs moisture reliably thanks to its inner roughened inner texture. Moisture is discharged directly to the smooth outer side where it is distributed and can evaporate quickly. The FIBERtwin® clima-pro technology is also permeable and allows good circulation of body heat and fresh air.

warmes Funktions Longsleeve ohne Nähte von engelbert strauss

How do I wash my functional underwear correctly?

Functional underwear sits on the body like a second skin and needs to be cared for very carefully – luckily it is also very lightweight whether it is made of natural or artificial fibres:

  • Machine-washable (partially up to 60°)
  • Observe the care label
  • Do not use any softeners
  • Do not hand wash the merino wool (excessive mechanical load)
  • Then allow the underwear to dry in the air
  • Allow merino fibre products to dry flat

Layer for layer: functional underwear combined perfectly

Functional underwear as a basic layer is essential for the function of the entire workwear. If it is already soaked, sticks to the body and no moisture is transported to the outside, the functions of the layers on top have little effect. A functional garment system therefore begins with the underwear and builds up like onion skin layers.

The following applies: Several thin layers on top of one another keep the cold out more effectively than one thick garment. Breathability ensures reliable moisture transport and a pleasantly dry feeling – from the basic layer through the thermal layer to the outer weather layer.

For the feet: climate regulation thanks to functional socks

Our feet carry us all day which is why it is important to keep them comfortable, dry and well acclimatised, because even the best membrane shoe reaches the limits of breathability when cotton socks are soaked. In contrast, functional socks are breathable and odour-inhibiting. Ranging from cooling to highly thermal, with and without a compression function – we have the right product for every need. For a pleasant body feeling from head to toe.

The thermal layer – a great partner for cold days

At low temperatures the thermal layer insulates and helps to prevent the body and muscles from becoming chilled. At the same time, it absorbs moisture from the basic layer and transfers it to the surface. Be it e.g. fleece or knitted jackets: the e.s. online shop has lots of combination options to ensure pleasant temperatures.

Protected whatever the weather

Rain, snow, fog – anyone who works outside must be prepared for any kind of weather. The weather protection layer keeps out the wet and wind reliably whilst at the same time transporting the moisture from the layer below to the outside where it can evaporate. The choice here ranges from rain jackets and softshell jackets through to functional trousers.

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