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are tested to EN ISO 20345 and satisfy the following criteria:

Alu-plastic or steel toe cap
Puncture-resistant sole
• Antistatic properties (A)
• Profiled sole
• also possible: Fuel resistance of the sole (FO)

• Anti-Slip
• Closed heel area
• Energy absorption in the heel area (E)
Water resistance of the entire shoe (WR)

Safety classes contained in the norm

With puncture resistant steel sole and water resistance

Like S7, also with puncture resistant textile sole standard requirement (tested with a ⌀ 4.5-mm nail).

Like S7, with puncture resistant textile sole standard acc. to higher requirement (tested with a ⌀ 3.0-mm nail).

Important: S3 shoes are comparable to S7 shoes, but they are additionally equipped with a weather protection membrane (e.g. dryplexx®).

S3 with dryplexx®
Safety Shoes S7

Safety Shoes S7

Safety Classes

S7 safety shoes according to DIN EN ISO 20345

protect the feet from various hazards due to mechanical influences and are always equipped with a puncture-resistant sole. The type of puncture resistance can now be identified by the designation of the shoe:

S7 safety footwear: protective boots with toe cap in all colours, shapes and sizes
S7: Puncture-resistant sole made of steel
S7 safety footwear: protective boots with toe cap in all colours, shapes and sizes
S7L: Puncture-resistant textile sole acc. to basic requirement (non-metallic)
S7 safety footwear: protective boots with toe cap in all colours, shapes and sizes
S7S: Puncture-proof textile sole acc. to higher requirement (non-metallic)

The difference lies in the diameter of the test nail used to apply pressure to the puncture-resistant textile sole. The smaller nail diameter (3.5 mm) creates greater pressure, which is why the puncture resistance is rated higher (higher requirement) compared to a larger nail diameter (basic requirement).

Complete waterproofing

The protective features of S7 models are identical to the S3 protection class:

  • Toe cap
  • puncture-resistant midsole
  • slip-resistant, profiled outsole
  • anti-static properties
  • closed heel area
  • weather protection membrane affords complete waterproofing
    (with most Strauss work shoes featuring a high-performance dryplexx® membrane)

Only shoes that have been tested as water resistant (waterproof) can be certified as S7. This is also the case for S2 shoes: Shoes of the S2 class with a weather protection membrane and WR testing will be certified as S6 in the future.

dryplexx® membrane - more than just weather protection

engelbert strauss dryplexx keeps safety footwear waterproof but breathable

Especially in the outdoor sector, the primary task of a functional membrane is: Protect against penetrating wet! One reason for the inclusion of a membrane in many Strauss S3 safety shoes. But a dryplexx® membrane can do more: It enhances breathability, thus protecting the foot from excess moisture from the inside. Not only advantageous when working in the summer. Work shoes are worn for up to 10 hours a day, just like with workwear, comfort and a healthy sense of climate should be considered.

Maximum slip resistance

According to the new standard version 2022, every certified safety shoes must have at least a basic slip resistance on ceramic tiles and cleaning agents. However, this is no longer explicitly marked (still indicated as SRA in the 2011 standard). Additionally, the shoe sole can voluntarily undergo further slip resistance tests on ceramic tiles with glycerin. If they pass, this highest level of slip resistance is marked with the addition "SR".

The Engelbert Strauss range already includes numerous work shoes with the highest slip resistance class SR. Additionally, new Strauss models undergo an extended slip test to achieve the best grip performance according to SR, as far as it makes sense for the intended use of each model.

New standard, new markings - proven comfort

The 2022 version of the DIN EN ISO 20345 standard represents the biggest change in the certification of safety shoes in years. In fact, no fundamental changes are made to the shoes themselves. Rather, the new designations are intended to better illustrate the protective properties. Most S3 safety shoes from Engelbert Strauss are already equipped with a dryplexx® weather protection membrane from the ground up. These will be certified according to the new protection class in the future, but this does not change the characteristics of the shoe.

Standard DIN EN ISO :2011 / :2022

Both standards are currently still valid!

The new standard applies to safety shoes that were introduced to the market from March 2023 onwards. In the Engelbert Strauss online shop, you can find safety shoes according to standard specification:2022 and safety shoes that had been certified according to standard EN ISO 20345 :2011. The certificates for safety shoes are valid for up to 5 years, which is why during the transition period, models from both versions of the standard will run in parallel.

We have summarised all the important updates and frequently asked questions from our customers about the DIN EN ISO 20345 standard for you here

Sought and found - The Strauss Shoe Finder

The Engelbert Strauss online shop currently offers over 250 different work and safety shoes. The Strauss Shoe Finder will assist you quickly and easily in choosing the right shoe for yourself and/or your employees. Simply define your preferences and requirements, and the Shoe Finder will generate the personalised top results for you.

Your size, preferred colours, and shapes are taken into account, just as much as technical requirements such as ESD or the work environment. Specific requirements (CI, HI, HRO, sole material) and special features (leather-free, metal-free) can also be defined using the filter function. This will allow you to quickly receive a shoe selection tailored to your needs.

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